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Teens and your 20’s will be a time when your hormones are working full-time and you are experiencing growth in all aspects. Some of you will be unfortunate enough to experience acne breakouts so you should take care of yourself more than others who don’t have acne.

Habit, Habit, Habit…make it a habit to adopt these healthy skin care practices! The routine you adopt at this stage will stay with you till your old age so it’s imperative to read carefully and make notes of your skin type and needs.

1. Know your Skin Type-

The first step towards starting any discussion about your skin is knowing your skin type. Do you experience oiliness in just 30 minutes after washing your face or do you always have a stickiness feeling on your face? Then you have Oily skin and you should take maximum precautions (mentioned in the later points) for it.

If you find oiliness just around your nose area and forehead then you have Combination skin and down the line comes Normal skin and Dry skin if your skin feels dry and itchy and asks for moisturization frequently.

2. Never Touch your face-

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman once said during an interview that the best advice her mother ever gave her was to Never touch her face. Some of us have this habit of doing unnecessary touch-ups or flicking hair on/off the face or try to feel rough/pimple area of the skin or simply tapping the fingers on the face when thinking something. Well, your fingers have millions of bacteria sitting on them and it is advisable not to harm your delicate face by touching it unnecssarily. And this advice goes to everyone regardless of their skin type.

3. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing-

CTM 2 times a day is necessary to get rid of impurities and dead cell build-up that you have when you wake up in the morning and throughout the day before going to sleep. You might ask why is cleansing not enough? Because cleansing only removes surface impurities like dirt, while toner works deep to disinfect and kill harmful bacteria and close the pores. Moisturization is needed replenish the skin’s delicate moisture balance and protect it further by forming a defensive layer.

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4. Use Sunscreen-

Did you know that acne is aggravated by the sun’s harmful rays and you are more prone to breakouts. Use a minimum of SPF20 when stepping out in the sun and reapply as and when needed. It is a daily must and you can choose to skip your daily moisturizer in place of sunscreen or adopt a medicated solution(free of chemicals) for sensitive skin. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses to protect those beautiful eyes from premature wrinkling.

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5. Justify your Makeup-

20’s can be a fun age to experiment with your makeup and you have a whole wide range of products to go for. Just make sure that you use products that are good quality. Remember to exchange mascaras after 3 months while foundation, lipsticks can be used for 2-3 years.

More importantly, never sleep with your makeup on as even the tiniest of residue can lead to break-outs no matter how good the brand of makeup you use. Makeup has a shelf life of about 8-10 hours once it goes on your skin and after that it is not healthy to keep it on- just like contact lenses which need replenishment to keep your eyes fresh.

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6. Avoid Excessive Smoking and Drinking-

Smoking and Drinking too much alcohol dehydrates the skin as it slows down the cell renewal process and kills the healthy skin cells. Our body sucks in the moisture to compensate for the loss which leads to dehydration. So, firstly you should avoid smoking and drinking, and Secondly you should drink plenty of water to restore body’s moisture balance.

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