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Have you ever wondered why do we age? What changes take place in our body? Once we understand this we will be better off taking care of ourselves. Ageing happens when our Cell Renewal process decreases and collagen production is reduced. This leads to sagging of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles. So, to combat ageing, we have to address our cell renewal process.

Remember when we talked about Oily skin and how it prone to acne during your 20’s in our recent post  How to Take Care of Yourself in Your 20’s ? Now we realize that oily skin actually is a boon during our middle ages as it wrinkles slowly than dry skin!

1. Defend your skin-

Now that the ageing process has set in, you might experience some of common problems like hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dryness and fragile skin. So we need to change our strategy from Preventive to Defensive! In other words, while earlier we were busy preventing ourselves from harmful sun exposure, now we need to take care and kill the problem where it starts.

Use products containing  Hydroquinone that can help cut down on any dark patches in the skin. Similarly, you can use other skin lightening agents like Lactic Kojic, Azelaic acids, Ginseng and Liquorice which cut melanin production and give a brightening touch.

Some products to combat Hyper-pigmentation found on Enchantess Shop-

2. Increase intake of Vitamin C-

Vitamin C is good for all ages but a lot of it is needed in your 40’s especially if you are serious about reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Take care and eat lots of citrus fruits like oranges, mandarin, lemon, lime and so on. Vitamin C is useful for collagen synthesis which fills up wrinkles and makes skin smooth.

3. Give yourself regular Facials-

In your 20’s and 30’s you might have done with facials 1-2 times a month from a salon…but now you need to extra measures to keep your skin massaged to promote a healthy glow. Since massage increases the blood circulation under the skin and helps increase the cell renewal process.

We do not mean to blow a hole in your pocket by visiting the salon every week, but you can surely learn self-massage and do it at home. As a fact, we found out that Indian skincare celebrity Shahnaz Husain has special staff to give her a daily facial massage each morning. She never misses out on her daily massage and by daily we mean Everyday! We can never guess her age this way.

Some interesting daily home facial massage creams-

4. Exercise Daily-

Regular exercise is a must, as our bodies tend to degenerate along with our skins. To keep your body active and young, you need to do a brisk exercise which increases your heart pumping rate. Increased heart rate increases the blood circulation throughout the body in a healthy way. Ultimately it will reflect on your skin as you must have seen your cheeks getting pink and flushed after a work out session.

5. Exfoliate well-

Exfoliants containing Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are good for you as they remove the dead skin cells layer effectively while revealing fresh skin from beneath. Other friendly chemicals are Retinol, Tretinol and Glycolic acid, so look out for products containing these ingredients.

6. Invest in a good Eyecare cream-

For most people, wrinkles or fine lines appear first around the eye area so it’s important to keep your eyes young and healthy. It can be achieved in a number of ways starting from getting right amount of sleep to prevent dark circles and under-eye bags. Dark circles appear when sufficient oxygen is not plumped around our eyes. As you know blood is a carrier of oxygen in our bodies to we need to increase the blood circulation by exercise and gentle daily massage around the eyes.

You should also apply a good under-eye cream or serum suiting your skin type to speed up the renewal process.

Some products you can try- 

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