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Wow! You’ve made it this far and you’ve managed to look so good all the way…God has made everyone perfect because God cannot make mistakes, can he? Our duty lies in nourishing and protecting our beautiful bodies from inside and outside. And we will look for the best methods possible to look our best at this age.

A lot of hormonal activity takes place at this age like estrogen levels falling and menopause. These can create havoc on your skin and you might experience pigmentation, age spots, sagging of neck, breasts and arms. Your skin might turn loose and wrinkly overall. But you need not worry as advance science will come to your rescue combines with your wisdom and prudence.

1. Changes in skin Texture-

You might note a significant change in the texture of your skin like- dryness (even if you had oily skin before), breakouts (due to hormonal changes), Vitamin A, E deficiency and so on. Changes in the skin texture demand a change in your skincare routine as well.

If you were using face creams once a day, then you might reconsider and use them twice a day. Like a specialised Day and Night cream with anti-ageing benefits. And hydrate your skin as much a you can by drinking lots of water and moisturizing it every time it feels dry.

2. Take care of your Hands & Feet –

While hands & feet might go unnoticed at young ages, now is the time to give special care to them. Go for regular mani, padis (at home 2-3 times a week) and massage your hands and feet every night before going to sleep. Not only it will help you get to sleep much better but hydrate your limbs effectively.

Some useful hand & foot products-

3. Hair Treatment-

Hormonal changes won’t spare your healthy beautiful hair. They are bound to turn grey and even loose their original texture. Hairfall can also be a major problem to tackle.

You have the inclination towards home-made recipes, then refer to to our previous articles explaining the benefits and usage of Amla, Ritha, Triphala, Shikakai and Bhringraj.

If you fancy colouring them then we have a wide range of options for you – including 100% organic chemical free range as follows-

4. Cleanse & Hydrate-

You need to forego harsh chemicals while cleansing skin and adopt more gentler ingredients. Ingredients like Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha hydroxy acids, are gentler on the skin.

We suggest using –

5. Pump up Collagen-

Collagen is the building blocks of skin and it fills up any dead skin cells resulting in younger-looking skin. Collagen can be found in citrus fruits and vegetables  which have ample amounts of Vitamin C. Or it can be applied eternally with the help of specialized creams. Increase your intake of other nutrients like Vitamin A, Peptides and Anti-oxidants to control UV damage, skin inelasticity and suppleness.

 6. Exercise & Rest Well-

The benefits of exercising are plenty and it helps promote youthfulness glow on your skin in the long run. Adopt a daily outdoor activity you are most comfortable with stressing you out. And be strict with your exercise, sleep and food patterns. Too much fasting or gaps between meals will throw your system in disarray and cause problems.

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