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60’s is the age when your body stabilizes from the previous menopausal and hormonal activities. You come in terms with your richness in beauty and accept your god-gifted body. The precautionary measure that you took throughout of life are not needed anymore and you should focus on rejuvenating and tightening of your skin.

1. Tackle Hyperpigmentation –

No denying your complexion will not be as clear as it was in your 20’s. You’ll also observe some tanning, freckles, age spots and pigmentation that start to darken at the surface. Some useful chemicals at this stage is  Hydroquinone (a powerful skin lightener), Retinol (assists in cell renewal) and Glycolic acid (to help improve pigmentation, texture and tone).

Try GloTherapeutics – Triple Action Serum which contains the above three elements.

2. Tighten Up-

The breakdown of collagen and elastin is more prominent at this age. Focus on rich, emollient moisturizers with extra anti-aging and tightening additives to help repair skin.

A regular full-body massage with herbal essential oils will go a long way in strengthening and tightening skin elasticity.

3. Eat Light, Exercise Light-

Eat raw, fresh, organic (hopefully) fruits and vegetables as they contain a lot Anti-Oxidants- elements that fight free radicals in our system. Free radicals are molecules that damage our cell structure leading to skin damage and pigmentation. It can be caused by environmental pollution, smoking, drinking, lack of sleep etc.

Adopt a light exercise like Yoga, Meditation or brisk walk that will purify your system and get rid of stress and toxins.

4. Hydration is the key-

Our body requires more moisture to support our system as the estrogen levels have gone down. Apart from drinking a glass of water every hour or so, you must use an anti-ageing product containing Hyaluronic acid will help plump fine lines.

Make friends with Aloe Vera as it a great hydrator. Eat it, drink it or apply it over the skin, as you like-

5. Take care of you Sleep-

A peaceful harmonious sleep is required to fix up any repairs and damages in the body. It keeps your skin smooth and rejuvenates mind & body. You are also spared of under-eye darkness or bagginess. So, aim for 8 hours of sleep or frequent naps during the day.

Maintaining a good balance between exercising, eating and sleeping is the key to long and healthy life.

6. Consume Health Supplements-

A lot of wear & tear happens in our body at this age and you need to supplement it with a daily dose of supplements after a consultation with your pharmacist.

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