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Did you know that your Back can be your most sexiest asset but it usually goes ignored by most women who don’t know how to take care of it and properly flaunt it.

1. Exercise: The first step to getting a sexy back is to exercise so as to keep your muscles sculpted and firm.

One sculpting secret to tone your middle and upper back is the “Rear Lateral Rise” –

Steps- Hold a pair of dumbbells and bend forward at your hips, keeping your back flat, until your chest is nearly parallel to the floor, arms slightly bent and weights in line with your shoulders. Raise the dumbbells to the sides, keeping your arms slightly bent. Do 2 sets of 10-12 reps 2-3 times a week.

2. Bleach & Polish: Just as your face needs exfoliation to get rid of dead cells, similarly your back needs scrubbing as well. It can be hard sometimes to reach the back to scrub properly, but no worries as there are a lot of products which you can just apply and wash off that will do the job. For e.g. Avani Dead Sea cosmetics- Milk & Honey Body Scrub that is very convenient to use and gives excellent results.

Bleach is another quick way to lighten the hair on your back and give a smooth and shiny finish. We recommend you take someone’s help to apply the product to your back.

3. Dress Right: The most important thing to keep in mind while dressing up is to wear a proper Bra..if you don’t have one then GO and BUY one as there can be no substitute for it. These days you get options for stick-on bras or halter bras that leave your back bare. Transparent straps are making an exit soon but you can still opt for them if you don’t find another option.

Don’t go Too Low- A backless dress already has pow appeal so there’s no need for the seam to plunge down to your derriere. Once you cross that line you’re in danger of looking trashy rather than sexy so be sure to keep it classy.

4. The Hair-touch- An updo or a high bun is ideal when wearing a backless dress because it shows off your back. However, if you want to leave your hair down then be sure to pull your locks over to the side. It makes no sense to wear a backless dress if you’re going to hide your back..isn’t it?

5. Good Posture: Your body language and posture can make or break your look, so keep your back straight and don’t droop. If you need help then wear a pair of heels or stilettos that support your posture.

6. Accessorize: An optional but a trendy way to complete your look. The best accessories that work are solid bracelets, long neck-pieces and dangler earrings.

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