How many of you do Yoga or have done it sometime in your life?

Featuring Gomukhasana (Cow Pose) for Arms to relieve stress and strengthen muscles.

– Lift your right arm in the air
– Bend your right elbow
– Reach your right hand behind back, palm faces your back and place it down between your shoulder blades.
– Bring your left arm behind your back and climb it up to clasp your right hand.
– If you have tight shoulders, use a yoga belt or tie between your hands.
– Hold for 10 seconds breathing evenly.
– Release and repeat on the opposite side.

Note: This pose can be done both sitting or standing.

– If you sit then cross both your legs and bring them close to your stomach.

– While standing, stand with the feet firmly planted on the floor hip-width apart.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)