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The process of ageing is different for different people and it has a lot to do with your diet, environmental factors, geographical factors, your state of mind among others. Again, premature ageing happens due to the reasons mentioned above but there are ways it can be curbed and cured. One day all of us have to face the slow degradation of skin cells that will effect the youthfulness of our skin. But till then, adopt these simple beauty habits to save from premature ageing.

1. Ban caffeine and smoking-


There’s no denying that smoking and too much caffeine dehydrates the skin which leads to lack of lustre and dullness of the skin. The result of bad beauty habits is directly reflected in the skin. Breakouts, dehydration lines, early wrinkles and sagging develop through lack of proper skincare habits.

2. Sleep Well-


Sleep is an important beauty regulator and proper sleep ensures enough time to repair and rejuvenate the skin. All our development like growth of hair, nails and regeneration of cells happens during sleep.

3. Never sleep with makeup on-

Since we were talking about sleeping, it’s important to ensure that you don’t sleep with makeup on. It might seem harmful but in reality, the repercussions of pores clogged with sweat, foundation, impurities and environmental pollution can last longer than a few days. Also, all the dirt attached to the makeup will ruin your skin and lead to dirty pillow, dirty face and dirty pores will never result in happy skin.

If you are too tired to take off your makeup then keep some cotton pads handy and a bottle of any lotion would do as long as your skin feels fresh.

4. Eat Well-


It might seem a cliche, but what you eat ultimately makes who you are, so by practicing healthy eating habits and minimizing usage of processed sugars, starch and junk food, you can actually save your skin from future damage.

One should eat wholesome meals at regular intervals, increase live foods like sprouts, fruits, nuts, proteins etc. More importantly the timings of the meals should be regulated and kept constant. No binge eating, no fasting for long periods as our bodies are very simple- you have to let them know of your routine and it will adapt to it. But, too much experimenting will lead to stomachaches and acidity as your system will get confused.

5. Invest in good quality skincare products-

When you have decided to take care of your skin no matter what, then why not be sane and invest in good quality skincare and makeup since these products come in direct contact with your precious skin.

6. Avoid too many treatments-


It’s good to have a regular cleanup and waxing but as women age, hairs minimize and one should avoid excessive eyebrow plucking, threading and shaping as it will hamper the natural shape of your brows. Also, it causes irritation and inflammation of the thin skin around the eyes.

Not just eyebrows, going for un-natural treatments like botox, lasers and needles will alter your natural look. They say age gracefully, so only go for treatments that you really need medically and not because everyone is getting it done.

7. Do not over exfoliate skin-


Just like too many treatments can harm your skin, similarly over-exfoliating is also harmful. It can lead to broken capillaries and soreness. Avoid cleansers with pricky or big granules and alternate by using an acidic liquid toner to gently exfoliate and use a grainy scrub no more than twice a week.

8. Sun protection-


Even though sunlight provides us with vitality and essential vitamins, there’s no question the sun’s UV rays are powerful enough to cause burning, dryness, irritation and a rough texture. Sun bathing for a long time can be equally harmful. When stepping out in the sun, regularly apply SPF to help prevent premature ageing. Look for broad spectrum SPF in makeup and skincare to ensure complete protection.

9. Regular exercise like Yoga

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