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In India, gold is everything. Gold defines your power, position and status. Gold defines our traditions- from birth to marriage to death. Gold makes this country run. What is it about this yellow metal that has made it so important and why are we so obsessed about it.

For a start- gold is a symbol of purity, that’s why its so important to our traditions. Its related to all our marriage ceremonies across all religions because its supposed to be pure and above all other precious metals. Then is its value- Value of  gold can make or break our economy, hence it is traded so vigorously. It defines where our country’s economy is heading and what will happen to us in the future. It’s a visible financial security that can be passed onto upcoming generations.

Did you know that temples in India are the most valuable places on earth. Why? they have amassed over 100 billion dollars worth of wealth over centuries. This wealth is nothing else but gold and jewellery! All this time hollywood pirates were searching unknown lands for hidden treasure, whereas all the treasure is hidden under our temples.

An interesting thing about gold is that it is the only metal that will never rust or tarnish- as it forms no oxide film on it’s surface in air at normal temperatures. Now, isn’t that something to keep hold of! So go ahead and flaunt your gold jewellery, pair it with westerns or any indian traditional clothes. It will always shine and make you look and feel good.

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