Grapes are one of the most wonderful fruits and health foods. But, ever wondered what is the difference between Red Grapes and Green Grapes ? Here’s a little show-down..

• Antioxidants are found in high contents, in red grapes , and only a little of antioxidants are found in green grapes .

• Green grapes contain slightly high amount of calories than the amount of calories in red grapes .

• Red grapes contain high amounts of anthocyanins and green grapes lack anthocyanins.

• Red grapes contain flavanoid antioxidants like Resveratrol, Catechins and Quercetin and green grapes contain only Catechins in small amounts.

• Red grapes can lower the high blood pressures whereas the green grapes cannot.

• Red grapes are important in prevention of heart related disorders and protecting good cholesterol but green grapes cannot.

• Resveratrol in red grapes can help in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease whereas the green grapes cannot.

• Resveratrol in red grapes has antifungal and anti-cancer properties whereas green grapes do not have.

• Anti-histamine properties in Quercetin, in red grapes , are required for the cure of various allergies, but green grapes do not have Quercetin.

• Anthocyanins found in red grapes have anti-inflammatory properties but those are not found in green grapes .

Therefore, red grapes are high in nutritional value than green grapes.