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Bringing a child into this world is at the same time a joyous, enthralling and terrifying experience for a woman. Suddenly everything changes, from our bodies to our priorities in life. Coping up with these changes can be challenging and quite overwhelming for a to be mother. She needs strength both in mind and spirit to make this experience a positive and empowering one.

In India the birthing ritual is entire nine month long celebration and preparation time. All over the country different traditions and customs dictate what the mother should eat, do and see during this precious period. There are three equally important senses. What a woman should hear, touch and feel during this life changing journey. Because every sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and feel leaves impressions on the consciousness of the unborn child. A child will have wholesome nurturing experience only when the mother positively about herself and engages all her senses in creative and joyous experiences.

Unfortunately our vanity plays a major role in determining our self esteem. I hate to burst the myth of radiant pregnancy, but most females will have swollen aching feet, itching on stomach and pigmentation on the face. Therefore we have to work extra hard during this time to feel good. Fortunately it takes very little to lift the mood and create a sense of wellbeing.

– Aroma massages with soothing fragrances like jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, lavender essential oils (mixed with normal oils) are great stress busters. (see more)

– Revitalizing dead sea salts give an amazingly pampered feeling used and their fragrances last long time. (see more)

– Lighting aroma candles and incense sticks also help create positive and relaxing ambience.

– For preventing skin darkening and stretch marks nothing works better than simple coconut oil massage on the belly twice a day.

Consume lot of liquids- Constipation is a very common problem faced during a pregnancy and increasing your intake of liquids will go a long way into addressing the problem of constipation.

These simple and doable home therapies will work wonders on your mood and skin. Try them and have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Written By-

Sheetal Johar (Contributing Author, Enchantess.com)

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