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Suffering from lack of a good night’s sleep and persistent daytime sleepiness or fatigue? Or do you want a fresh change in your sleep environment to uplift your mood and surroundings.

Let’s turn to aromatherapy to find some new techniques that will help you get a good night’s sleep and wake you up fresh and energetic.

1. Lavender: For a Relaxed sleep


Do you experience anxiety and stress while going to sleep? Lavender is an exceptional plant known to lower the blood pressure and regulate the heart rate. You can easily place some fresh lavender sticks in a pot or light up some lavender oil in an aromatherapy burner or spray some lavender mist in your room.

Also, it is advisable to shut out any unnecessary thoughts from your mind that are disturbing you. Turn off the lights and switch off any electronic gadgets like TV, mobile, radio to ensure a quiet and peaceful environment to get you to sleep.

2. Jasmine: For a Deep sleep


Jasmine or Chameli in Hindi is a potent scent known to deepen the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) in your sleep cycle. Higher REM ensures a deeper sleep and better relaxation to the body.

You can place any variety of jasmine buds or flowers in your bedroom and experience a magical transformation in your sleeping routine.

Avoid going to sleep on an empty stomach and eat atleast 2 hours in advance so that the digestion process is not disturbed and you feel light and easy in bed.

3. Chamomile: For a Rejuvenating sleep


Chamomile plant is often used in medicinal formulations and cosmetic treatments due to its anesthetic, antiseptic and purifying effects. It protects against irritations and inflammations, being moisturizing, protective and calming. It blocks the free radicals and acts against the premature aging of the skin.

A cup of chamomile tea induces a state of quiet and serenity favorable to sleep.

4. Gardenia: For a Peaceful sleep


Put the buds of this sweet-scented flower in your room to sooth uneasy sleep patterns. This plant is also advisable to relieve stress and impatience anytime of the day.

Also, warm bath or just washing your feet before going to bed would ensure an easy and relaxed sleep. And drink ample amount of water before going to bed.

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