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We should analyse how things are changing and how it is affecting your beauty & health.

– Stress is like a bomb killing us everyday.

  • An easy solution to this is Yoga & Meditation.
  • We all know about the benefits of exercise and meditation but somehow fail to adapt it in our daily routine.

– If we are stressed, we tend to binge upon fast food and adopt habits like smoking which damages us internally.

  • Reduce dependence on fast food by eating every 2 hours and keep some healthy snacks at your disposal like dry fruits, bits of cheese, dark chocolate, granola bars.
  • After all you become what you eat (not so literally!)

– Skin damage and Pre-mature ageing.

  • Can be prevented by using a sunscreen and am umbrella when stepping out in the sun. A doctor once told me that an umbrella has an SPF of 1000! So use it to your fullest.
  •  Pre-mature ageing can be prevented by eating a lot of raw fresh fruits and vegetables.

– Long working hours.

  • Did you know that Computer screens emit slight radiations just like TV screens that can harm our skin in the long run. We don’t so close to the TV sets, then why sit too close to computer screens.
  • You should dim your computer screen brightness to help your eyes and skin.

– Less sleep.

  •  Please please please avoid using too many electronics before going to bed. A simple sms from your boyfriend can disrupt your sleep and avoid your body into getting deep sleep mode where the actual repair work happens.

– Pollution.

  • Make sure to cover your skin with a layer of skin-protectant cream or your favourite moisturizer.
  • Use a scarf/stole/dupatta to cover your face before stepping out.
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