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Here we provide you with four basic techniques of applying eyeliner which you can use in your daily routine. Choose the type of eyeliner you’ll be using. Eyeliner comes in powder, pencil, and liquid. Pencil eyeliner is the most popular choice and is great for everyday use. Liquid eyeliner creates a more dramatic effect and works great for special occasions. Blend powder or pencil eyeliner after applying if you want a softer look.


1. Defining the eyes

Apply eyeliner on both top and bottom of the eye to make a bigger impact and define those beautiful eyes. Keep in mind that joining the ends will make your eyes look smaller, so don’t connect the top and bottom liner at the corner. Drawing a thin line at the inner corner and wider line on the end makes the eyes appear fuller and more open.


Apply eyeliner or kajal just at the bottom lid to balance the eyes. This is useful if you have lighter eyelashes at the bottom and thick lashes at the top.


Create a V-shape by applying liner along the outer half of your top and bottom lashes. Smudge outward with your fingertip. This effect will provide focus on the outer corners and illusion of wide apart eyes.


This is the simplest of all styles where you apply eyeliner on just the top lid. 

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