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If you wondering how does just breathing and stretching in traditional Yoga yields so many benefits mentioned above, then we would like to explain how it works.

Yoga starts with ‘Pranayam’ or the breathing exercises. It’s good to do it early morning preferably on an empty stomach. A simple requisite for breathing is clean air and early morning has the cleanest air by far.  Since air is the basic fuel (like food or water) that runs our body it is important to channel it properly and breathe properly.

Most of us don’t breathe properly- our breathing should be slow and complete that fills our lungs and not fast incomplete breaths that we tend to do the whole day. If you observe your breathing for a minute and try to control it, you’ll find it is not so easy to do. You can control it for a minute but after that it goes back to the quick incomplete breaths. Yoga teaches us the basic rules of breathing and inhaling complete oxygen and how to keep the process permanent. And like every other thing in the world, this also comes with practice, so we need to do yoga the basic breathing exercises daily to learn this art.

Simply put- slower complete breathing gets more oxygen to the brain that leads to less stress and increased lung capacity.

When you progress to full body stretching exercises like ‘Suryanamaskar’ or similar, you subject your body to loads of benefits including flexibility, muscle relaxation, increased libido and better posture.

After about 20 odd minutes of exercising, you will feel your heart rate increased and blood being pumped faster in the entire body. This increases your metabolism and body functioning. Increased metabolism aids in digestion and relieves of any body toxins through sweat.

No matter what type of lifestyle you follow or any other form of exercises you do, make sure to include Yoga in your daily routine for a healthy body and mind.

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